Anxiety Training

REACH is part of the Canadian Ecology Centre's aim to help students and teachers learn about "anxiousness" through the Green Check certification of completion process.    Stresses and worries can be attributed to many environmental factors.  The tips, techniques and resources utilized are  in accordance  with evidence-based, self help strategies for managing anxiety.  Developed for teachers and students (parents) by teachers.
There is training for teachers:
'Extending Your Welcoming Classroom' - Level One.  ("Teachers are NOT therapists but we sort of are.")   (It is within the nature of what teachers do in the classroom.) Tips, techniques and resources highlight the one-day workshop.  It is practical and applicable, not theoretical/clinical.  
'I want to do more...' - Level Two. Taking it further for you and your students.
'Helping others' - Level Three. Becoming a "Jedi" - Train the teachers
*Summary overview sessions available for school board directors, superintendents, coordinators and trustees.
There is a course(s) for students.  At present HDD 30- The Dynamics of Human Relationships.   Coping strategies and self advocacy are stressed.
The REACH program is working with the Near North District School Board (high school credits)  and the Schulich School of Education (Nipissing University) through workshops.