Back Roads Bill

Canoe-Bill1Bill is a resident of North Bay and is passionate about the north and the beauty that can be found there. Back Roads Bill is both well educated and at the same time a grass roots modest approachable person. He encourages people to come, see and stay awhile as they discover what is relatively close at hand in Ontario. Whether it is an obscure waterfall, a special “Blue Lagoon”, or a look out that gives you a vista that goes for miles across a pristine lake, Bill has been there and welcomes you to join in the discovery of his favorite destination gems.
Some of his adventures may be too extreme for some, but Bill has carefully investigated and mapped several easy doable adventures that someone with special mobility needs can enjoy as well. Bill believes there is pleasure and enjoyment to be found in nature for all and encourages people to get outside.
We can all benefit from his knowledge, sense of adventure, and passion for life. Back Roads Bill is happy to share!
Come be part of the adventure!